I started working on ornaments after Hurricane Michael devastated our community.  When my parents lost about 90% of the trees on their wooded property, I suddenly had plenty of material to work with that felt special and meaningful.

My sweet husband took those lost trees and turned them into small wood cuts that we dried out and used for ornament pieces.  That first year, 2018, we sold hundreds.  The following year, we used more cuts that were taken after the storm and sold those, as well.  We will be continuing the tradition this year, 2020, and will be offering wood cut ornaments, along with a new, more polished style — and I’m SO STINKING EXCITED to share both with you!

For now, check out these wood cut ornaments that we were able to create these past few years.  They’ve been a true labor of love, and I’m so glad to have placed them in the hands of people who will cherish them for years to come!

Once ornament orders open up, I’ll post more photos, along with information on how to place an order.