Wood Signs

When I first started making wood signs for the home, I never intended for them to take up so much of my business.  But goodness, they have, and I LOVE IT!  What an honor it is to know that so much of my work is hanging in the homes of loved ones, friends, and strangers!  

I’ve had such an incredible privilege to create special pieces for clients — particularly after our area was hit by Hurricane Michael.  I’m still making these one-of-a-kind signs for those affected by the storm, and I’ve been so touched by their stories of heroism and tenacity.  This has been, perhaps, the greatest joy this little business has given me.

Ever since the storm our community experienced, “home” has taken on a new meaning.  It really ignited a desire in me to curate a space that was meaningful to my family — and I’ve used wood signs throughout my own home to do just that!  

If you have a special piece in mind that I could work on for you, please reach out to me on the Let’s Chat! page to get the process started!

Wood Sign Pricing

All signs require a custom quote — but these are general prices on typical signs.  If the sign you are requesting is very wordy, complex, or requires non-standard colors, pricing will vary.

  • 8×20″ without trim:  $45
  • 12×24″ without trim:  $60
  • 20×36″ without trim:  $130
  • Growth ruler:  $95
  • Porch leaner:  $85
  • 20×36″ with trim:  $165
  • 20×48″ with trim:  $195
  • 24×48″ with trim:  $215